Love Poems for Her – Love Poems for Wife or Girlfriend

Showing a woman how much you love her can be a difficult job. Fortunately, some things, such as love poems for her, can make this a lot easier on us. Whether you are looking for love poems for wife or your girlfriend, luckily many people before us have used poems about love for her to express their feelings towards a woman. Now, all we need to do is simply find the perfect love poems for her to express what we are already feeling in our heart. We recommend reading the I love you poems for her below and choosing one that really speaks to you, one that puts words to what you already feel.

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We have gathered and created some of the most romantic, cute, sweet, best and short love poems for her from the heart so you can make her putty in your hands! The shorter ones are at the beginning and the longer love poems for her are towards the end.

There are 3 categories here: 1) short love poems for her, 2) longer love poems for her, 3) love poems for wife and 4) love poems for girlfriend. Find the right one for her and take her breath away!

Love Poems for Her

Short Love Poems for Her From the Heart

This collection begins with short love poems for her (for wife or girlfriend) and are longer the further you go down the collection. So if you prefer longer poems about love for her, then you may want to scroll down below. Some people like to express their love in longer, more prolonged poems, while others prefer short and sweet love poems for her. Some of the poems here are anonymous and others are more famous short love poems. We hope you find the best sweet love poems for her and that she melts in your arms!
love poems for her

  • There is nothing I would rather do, than spend all of my time making a queen out of you,
    You deserve a crown, a scepter and a throne, your beauty so breathtaking, my love is for you alone.
  • I love your smile, I love your kiss, each and every day I reminisce, you are my life you are my world, never did I imagine such an amazing girl. (One of my personal favorite short love poems for my wife)
  • You’ll be forever in my heart, no one else will do, I’ll never let you go, because I love you.
  • How is it that you are real? My dreams never created something like you. I still have to pinch myself, because I’m amazed you are true.
  • I thank God for you, for you my dreams came true, I am lucky to have married you, even if you ask me everyday I’ll always say I do.
  • You make my heart beat fast, my knees quiver, you are the sexiest woman I know. Loving you is so amazing, I need your touch, I will never let you go.
  • Every day I love you more, you will be forever what I adore, you are my joy, my treasure, my heart, today, tomorrow, forever we will never be apart. (one of the best forever love poems for her!)
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  • I see the butterflies’ colors, listen to the birds sing, rainbows across the sky, all remind me that you’re my everything.
  • Why is it that my heart still skips a beat, every time I feel your touch? How is it that someone so wonderful, let’s me love them oh so very much?
  • You are the apple of my eye, the star in my sky, you take my breath away, for you my darling I will always stay.
  • For so long I had searched, looking for love that’s true. And then one day my soul saw you and said, “Oh, there you are, I’ve been looking all over for you.”
  • It amazes me how people can just pass by you, and not realize that they just missed an opportunity, for them to know the most beautiful and amazing woman in the world, but then I sigh and smile deep within, thanking the universe for showing me you, the most stunning being in my universe.
  • Sometimes I’m sad and life gets me down, but I always know I can turn that around, by closing my eyes and picturing you, the source of my joy, my angel, I thank you.
  • You are to me, like coffee in the morning, a warm shower in the winter, a deep breath in times of fear. How is it that whenever I need you, at the right moment, in just the right way, you draw near?
  • You are the sunshine of my life, you are the sun that shines so bright, and when the moon is full in the sky, at night I hold you so tight.

Love Quotes for Her

  • Without you I am incomplete, never have I missed someone so, my arms long to hold you tight, and I’ll never let you go. Your face, your lips, your soul, your heart, please promise me we’ll never again be apart. For without you, I am but a shell, you are my heaven and without you is hell.
  • I loved you for a million years, I’ll love you a million more, from this day on I promise you, you’re all that I adore.
  • I have been blessed, I live only for your happiness, for you my love, I will give you my last breath.
  • Please take my hand, please take my heart, I wanna live my life with you, I just can’t wait to start.
  • My dreams came true because of you. We will never be apart, I give you all my heart. You make me want to be a better man, for you to be happy, I’ll do whatever I can.
  • Your cuteness knows no bounds, your beauty has no limit, you are the only woman in the world, to which I will commit. I look at you and gasp in awe, wondering how you’re mine, you take my breath away my dear, for you, I’ll walk the line.
  • My angel, my life, my entire world, please be with me always, my one and only girl. I love you so deeply, that I know is so true, for there is no one else, my heart beats just for you. No matter what happens, you’re always the one, that I want to come home to, I’m the Earth to your sun.
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I Love You Poems for Her (Longer)

  • Your lips are so soft and red, kissing you deeply is all that’s in my head.
    Your face so bright and warm, guiding me through the darkest storm.
    Your eyes twinkle like stars in the night, when you stare at me my soul takes flight.
    My love for you is pure and true, a feeling which I never before knew.
    I promise to be there and love you for forever and when others leave you, I will never.
    I am your here to shield you from harm, I promise to always be your lucky charm.
    There is only one thing I know for sure, my love for you forever is pure.
  • Stunning and beautiful not a flower nor a tree,
    More breathtaking than those and only I can see,
    My heart beats your name right down to the core,
    Filling me with such joy and so much more,
    Your eyes so amazing, I just can’t look away,
    They’re gorgeous and shining throughout all the day,
    Here in my arms is where you belong,
    Our two hearts beating to the same song.
  • When I am without you, the sun seems so dim.
    When I am without you, the clouds always follow me.
    When I am without you, the birds seem to sing sadly.
    When I am without you, the plants seem to cry.
    When I am without you, it is your face I imagine.
    Yet, when I am with you, the sun bursts through the clouds.
    When I am with you, the birds dance and sing sweetly.
    When I am with you, I know I can move mountains.
    When I am with you, your face warms my soul.
    When I am with you, everything falls into place.
    When I am with you, I remember why I fell in love with you
  • It was many years ago that a beauty was born
    That the world paused to celebrate,
    This fair lady was unique and beloved by all
    And even the angels wished to know her fate.
    And then when the beauty was grown and so fair
    Everyone began to show off and court her,
    Men would dance, sing and show off their might
    In the hopes that they could get to hold her tight.
    Yet one man was lucky, so fortunate so blessed,
    That she chose him as better than all the rest,
    He still can’t believe that this angel is his girl
    That man is me, you are the angel, my world.

Love Poems for Wife

Here you will find a collection of short love poems for wife from husband. Some of these are short love poems for my wife that I wrote for her. A few others have been submitted anonymously. We hope you find the perfect love poems for your wife!

  • The day I got down on one knee,
    Was the best day of my life,
    Because to my continued amazement,
    You agreed to be my wife!

i love you poems for wife

  • From the moment we met,
    I never had a doubt,
    That you were my everything,
    That you were a knock-out.
    I still wonder how it happened,
    That you somehow fell for me,
    A simple little nothing guy,
    Got such an angel to marry!
  • After so many years,
    Through so many joys and fears,
    Our love only shines brighter,
    And we hold each other tighter.
    Nobody knows like we do,
    How deep our love grew,
    And it is only you and me,
    Together through this life’s journey.
    I couldn’t ask for a better girl,
    To be the center of my world,
    I just thank you for holding my hand,
    And making my life a dreamland.

Poems for Girlfriends

Here you can find some romantic and deep love poems for girlfriends that will make her know that you truly care for her.
poem for girlfriend

  • Your beauty knows no bounds, your adorableness has no limit, you’re the only girl in the world, that I will ever commit. I gaze at you and gasp in awe, wondering how you’re possibly mine, you’ve take my breath away my angel, never has their been a girlfriend so fine.
  • Take my hand, take my heart, just be my girlfriend, and our wonderful life together will start.
  • My dreams have come true all thanks to you, never shall we be apart, and now I give you all of my heart. You make it so I can be a better man, and to make you happy, I shall do whatever I can.
  • Never did I imagine I’d find, a girlfriend so gorgeous and kind. My heart is swelling with excitement and joy, I am so very lucky that I am your boy.

Sweet Poems

Many men search for sweet poems for her in the hopes that she view him as a sweet person. This is understandable, after all, who doesn’t like it when their girlfriend or wife says “Aw, you’re so sweet!” We like to do sweet things for her.

sweet poems for herBut what makes for a sweet poem? Truly sweet love poems for her are sweet less because of the words and more because of the way in which you read them, the atmosphere you choose and how you interact with her. For instance, simply reading the sweetest love poems in the world like a robot without any emotion or feeling will have very little effect. However, if you look into her eyes, hold her hand and emotionally express the words while saying the sweet poem, it will be much more profound and you will be more likely to be rewarded by being labelled as sweet.

Cute Love Poems

The same thing holds true for cute love poems for her. It is a great feeling when she tells you how cute you are. But there is nothing cuter in the eyes of a woman than a man who is honestly professing his love for her the best he knows how.

cute love poemsNo one is perfect and love is incredibly profound and intense. Therefore it is hard to express, but one of the cutest things you can do is to try. Try to find the best cute love poems you can and share them with her. The words are important for sure, but what is most important is the emotion behind them.

Funny Love Poems

Many people also look for funny love poems for her that will make her smile and laugh. One of the most beautiful things in the world is seeing a woman laugh and smile. But how can we make her laugh with some silly and hilarious love poems? Of course, here the content itself is important, but so is the delivery. When reciting funny poems for her, make sure to smile and to be playful. This will go a long way to help make her laugh.

funny love poems for herThroughout this collection we have included a few cute and short funny love poems, but here’s a couple more examples.

  • Hold my hand, receive my heart, be completely yourself with me, I’m even happy to smell your fart!
  • I never imagined in all my life, that I’d have such an amazing girl, but right now I’m super hungry, so please make me an amazing meal!

Choosing Love Poems for Her From the Heart

love poem for herLove is the most elusive emotion, the most sought after and the most cherished. It is also the most profound and difficult to put into words. For centuries lovers have turned to poetry to try to express their feelings of love. This has resulted in a plethora of love poems. Not all of us are skilled with poetry and it can be hard to develop the ability. Fortunately, there are many others who have felt the deep feelings you are feeling and have attempted to express it in sweet and romantic love poems for her.

Therefore, you may find love poems which express perfectly what is already in your heart, words that ring true for you and articulate that which you struggle to explain. We recommend, when choosing love poems for her, to choose ones that come from the heart. In other words, when you read it, it just feels right, it expresses what you already feel. Many people try to choose poetry that they think sounds good, but we have found that people react best when it is heartfelt and represents genuine emotion.

We hope you have enjoyed this collection of sweet, famous, cute, beautiful and romantic love poems for her! And we hope you will agree that these are the best love poems for her around. Please share and spread the love!

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